20/20 Plan for 2018

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The first step in achieving your goals is to define your goals. If you don’t know where you are going, it is hard to know if you have arrived. Some people are fatalists leaving their future to fate; they feel that things are out of their control, and so why bother planning anything. While we cannot control certain things, there is a lot we can do to impact our destiny and achieve our goals. Causes and conditions do not have to be totally arbitrary; some of them can be premeditated.

Vista Buddhist Temple’s Board of Directors has embarked upon a strategic planning process to create a vision for our future and then establish a roadmap to achieve it. Yes, this process and attitude are borrowed from the business world and larger organizations, but it will be very helpful and effective for a small Buddhist temple as well. It is a process in which the ten members Board of Directors takes the lead and shoulders the responsibility, but all of our Sangha members provide input, share their ideas and make an impact. Here is how it goes:

The Board met for a half day and participated in a visioning process, sharing their ideas of what success might look like for VBT in three years. Members contributed their own thoughts and we came to a common vision. Then we created five major objectives, with multiple initiatives for each one. This gave us a rough draft 20/20 Plan.

Now we want the input of Temple organizations and Sangha members. We will hold feedback sessions with the BEC, Taiko, BWA and the Wednesday Group; others who are not in any of these organizations are invited to join in with one of them. Each group will hear the plan and give their feedback and ideas, which will be recorded at each meeting and reported back to the Board. As a result of this process, the 20/20 Plan will not be “my plan”, it will not be “the Board’s plan”, but it will be “our plan” for the future of Vista Buddhist Temple. It will be a positive vision that we can all share, and it will be attainable because we have all been part of establishing it.

The Board will consider the feedback and new ideas, and based upon it, write a final 20/20 Plan for 2018. The final 20/20 Plan will be presented at the General Meeting in November, with lunch of courseJ. It will be a positive vision we all share, and it will be attainable because we will all establish it together.

With this roadmap, we can work together, be on the same page, and ensure that Vista Buddhist Temple will grow and continue to be a place to learn and practice Buddhism for our community.