In February’s selection, “Becoming Wise,” by Krista Tippett, the author shares her voice as well as the voices of the many people she has interviewed over the years. The author says about her book that, “It is a map in words to important territory we are on together. It’s a collection of pointers that treat the margins as seriously as the noisy center. For change has always happened in the margins, across human history, and it’s happening now. Seismic shifts in common life, as in geophysical reality, begin in spaces and cracks.”

You will find this book to be inspirational and reassuring as it affirms a belief in human goodness. Take a break from the media bombardment of negativity and pick up a copy of Becoming Wise at the temple bookstore. There is much wisdom to be gained from reading the pages in this book.

We will announce the date of the book club meeting at a later time. Since February is a short month, we may continue reading Becoming Wise into March. We will keep you posted.