Politics – A Buddhist Response

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When life seems more stressful, my Buddhist practice feels even more important. With recent political events and the uncertainty they bring, many of us feel anxious about the future direction of our country. I am turning to Buddhist thought and practice to help gain perspective.

It was a contentious political season and has left some of us unsettled. But the election is decided and we move forward. It is time for diverse views to come together and work together. As Buddhists we are led by the values of the Eightfold Path. We view the world through compassionate eyes. We hope for more inclusion, less discrimination, acceptance of diversity, concern for those less fortunate and opportunity for those who need it most.

We have arrived at this moment (and all moments) as a result of causes and conditions; political, economic, social and spiritual. Our future will be determined by a broad spectrum of causes and conditions yet to unfold. We can make a positive contribution by remaining focused on our Buddhist values. Buddhist thought will be an important voice in our community and that voice gets stronger as we get stronger. One person, one vote in democracy. One Sangha, one community in Buddhism.

President – Ricky Schlesinger