A temple in the Jodo Shinshu tradition

Book Club

September Book Selection

Mindful of Race:Transforming Racism From The Inside Out

by Ruth King

Our book selection is an invitation to meet a friend on the path who teaches diversity

awareness, workplace trauma, and transformative leadership. Ruth King is a thoughtful,

experienced Buddhist teacher in the insight meditation tradition. `

When I first heard the phrase, “Racism is a heart disease and it’s curable.” I was intrigued as I was looking deeply at our country’s individual and collective history around race. When I continued to read, “many of us live for a while with heart disease without knowing it, and others of us know we have a heart disease but are afraid or even in denial about it…” I knew it was worth investigating. This book points us toward racial harmony and healing. 

With our Buddhist practice of awareness and Ruth King as our grounded guide, we will look into how to stay present with racial distress, cultivate self-care and recovery, and understand how to heal and transform suffering.  Ruth King says that old trauma, once a wound, is now a scar, yet when brushed against, we are reminded what must never be forgotten; the suffering that broke (all) our hearts and woke us up.  None of us are immune to racism because none of us is immune to history.

If you are wanting to have a compassionate conversation, rooted in Buddhist practice, we invite you to read Mindful of Race and join us for a conversation that will continue to cultivate understanding and healing.

September 29 at 11:30 in temple foyer.