Book Club

September Book Selection


Nothing To It

Ten Ways to Be At Home With Yourself

Brother Phap Hai

Sometimes transformation in Buddhism is symbolized by walking through a gate. A gate can be a teaching, a message, a practice. A gate can be an invitation to look at a situation with different “eyes.” This book reads like a friendly conversation. 

Br. Phap Hai recently shared the dharma at VBT in the class, “Each Moment Only Once” in August. If you missed it, he is an ordained monastic and dharma teacher with the Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism and a student of Thich Nhat Hanh since 1997.

This is a book based on a series of dharma talks given by Brother Phap Hai during a three month period of practice at Deer Park called the Rains Retreat for lay members and monastics. We invite you to take a leisurely two months to explore the practices, contemplate the reflection questions and try out the writing exercises. 

Many of the practices can be managed during our busy days at work, home or at sangha.

Book club discussion is scheduled for Sunday, December 2 downstairs at 11:30 in the library. 

Everyone is welcome. Meet you at the gate!