A temple in the Jodo Shinshu tradition

Dharma/Meditation Services

Dharma Services


Our regular dharma services  take place at 9:30am on most Sundays.  Although the dharma is everywhere, many of us like to come together once a week to listen to a dharma message from one of our ministers or ministerial assistants, chant, offer incense, and share the teachings by our presence as a sangha.

Meditation/Yoga Stretching


A meditation service is offered the first and third Wednesday evenings of the month at 7:00pm.  Yoga stretching is 6:30pm.  Either/both open to the public.  We find meditation and yoga conducive to listening to the dharma (our primary practice).  The service includes meditation (guidance provided when first time visitors are present), a chant, a very short dharma message, offering of incense, and an optional adult study afterwards.